"Exploring the Appalachian Trail by RV, Sort of. . ."

By: Anita Hartigan

Anita and Vince Hartigan have spent the better part of their lives exploring America and places areound the world. They have raced sled dogs throughout the U.S. and Canada and have scuba dived under the frozen lakes of Minnesota and in the bathtub warm waters of the Bahamas. They even lived on a boat as they navigated the Intracoastal Waterway and up the Mississippi River to Minnesota. But in 2006, they embarked on their most memorable adventure of all.

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From March to September, beginning at Springer Mountain in Georgia and ending at Mt. Katahdin in Maine, they cruised the highways and back roads of Appalachia providing trail support to their daughter, a.k.a. "Mom," and her husband, a.k.a. "Windtalker," as they thru-hiked the 2,175 miles that make up the famed Appalachian Trail.

To order your copy of “Exploring the Appalachian Trail by RV, Sort of,” click on the book cover above. You will be directed to the “Prices & Ordering” page at www.qualtechresourcegroup.com. This book is also available in a CD-ROM version with active links to campgrounds and services along the trail.


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Here is what people are saying about

Exploring the Appalachian Trail by RV, Sort of….”

"This book is as charming as the support team themselves. A six-month journey along the Appalachian Trail proves “trail angels” do exist! Informative...lots of maps, web addresses and a teamwork approach to details."
Barb Blythe - 20-year member, Appalachian Mountain Club

I am probably biased (my mom is the author and my parents provided trail support to us on our 2006 thru-hike), but I enjoyed reading about the trail adventure from their perspectives. We have read many trail memoirs from thru-hikers, but this is a unique story.

On a practical note, we have had the opportunity when driving along the trail since 2006 to use the information contained in the book to successfully find the trail and road crossings! For anyone familiar with "A Guide to Car-Hiking the Appalachian Trail" this book contains more updated maps/guidance to trail heads (with multiple locations in each State) as well as information on local campgrounds along the trail.”

Georgia “Mom” Harris2006 A.T. Thru-Hiker