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Windtalker - Native Soundscapes


The rich, soothing and hauntingly beautiful sound of Native American flute is elegantly blended with orchestra, piano, violin and drums to create diverse acoustic "soundscapes" that musically portray the visual grandeur and rich history of the Appalachian Trail.


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“….is a soothing, meditative, and creative journey into Randy's love for and experiences on the Appalachian Trail. The beautiful arrangements and sensitive playing lead the listener down a pathway blending the wonder of nature and the power of the spirit. It is a successful invitation to relax in the midst of a diversity of sounds full of history, adventure, and meaning.”

Marty McCallGrammy Award-Winning Artist

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All songs written and performed by AT thru-hiker, Randy "Windtalker" Motz

Day after day, for six straight months, we were surrounded by a wilderness beauty unseen by most people. We wandered through tunnels of rhododendron and up and down the cloud-covered mountains of Georgia where, once, the mighty Cherokee lived.

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Windtalker – Native SoundScapes”

Personal attention to every detail; from the CD cover to the mixing of the lush instruments, underline the way the artist threw his heart and soul into this project… is designed to encourage the listener to go within and experience both the visual and emotional aspects of each song...uses instruments in interesting ways.

Mary MunarinReviewer for “Voice of the Wind” a publication of The International Native American Flute Association

"If great art is transportation to new emotions, new places and new thoughts, “Windtalker’s Native SoundScapes” is a virtual tour bus through the undisturbed beauty of America. Every track is equipped with memorable melodies and careful explanations of scenes and settings all without saying a word. Windtalker’s years of production experience are apparent in the quality of this recording. “Native SoundScapes” is a breath of fresh pine air!"

Clint Clifton - God-Song Worship Resources­­­­­­­­­­­

Windtalker moved me with its lush, cinematic settings -- much like a film score for an epic story. It portrays in my mind, vast, majestic landscapes of bygone days. It takes my soul on a tour through tall pines, rolling hills, winding ridges and breathtaking overlooks. And it beats in my heart with the pulse of an amazing and proud people lost for all time in the path of progress.

Randy's use of mixed musical media -- acoustic, sampled and synthesized instruments -- renders a compositional texture so appropriate for his purposes. His use of creatively winding melodies, calming and tension building harmonic progressions and the occasional -- but not overused -- element of surprise kept the project solidly in the realm of art and miles from what could have been another mood CD.

His passion was the most obvious element in the project. With uncompromising angst and joy, Randy brought to bear his heart for nature, native culture, and the spirit of original Americans. He tells his story as one who has truly walked the trail and soaked in the sights and sounds. Bravo, Randy!”

Mr. Ric Duncum - MediaMusicWorks.com

Windtalker”, the first album recorded and produced by Randy Motz of Windtalker Music, is an inspiring and motivational CD. The song titles entice you to give it a listen and once you do, from the first notes to the end, you don’t want to leave it but simply let it continue to play. And the more that you listen it, the more you hear. The listener will experience so many different instrument combinations and each one represents a mood, a feeling and an expression.

There is not a lot instrumental music available today, so it is sometimes difficult to find music that is soothing and inspirational and that you can just listen to while reading, working or while in your car. “Windtalker” is all of that and more. The variety and the quality of performance speak clearly in each track and the sounds of native flutes, combined with other instruments, is truly unique and beautiful.

So Amazed” is my favorite track on the CD and I think that the title definitely expresses my reaction. I was truly amazed by the beauty of the music and I simply wanted to listen to every note of it. I am certain that everyone who listens to “Windtalker” will find their favorite track or just fall in love with the entire CD.”

Linda Kazmarek - Linda Kazmarek Ministries

I recently purchased a copy of Randy Alan Motz’s CD, "Windtalker - Native SoundScapes", and find it to be an excellent album. In my job, I fly every week so I bring along a CD player, with a Bose noise-canceling headset, to reduce the plane noise and to provide entertainment.  The Native American flutes and background instruments on this CD are very relaxing and provide a calming effect during so many hours in the plane. I am looking forward to the next CD.” 

Harry J. Moody - Harry J. Moody Enterprises