Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to Maine in one continuous hike, is a life-changing journey fraught with unimaginable obstacles, yet rich in unrivaled rewards. It is also a journey awash with spiritual significance. Using stories from their own thru-hike, scripture passages, inspirational quotes, and words of wisdom from Native Americans, Randy “Windtalker” Motz and his hiking partner and wife, Georgia “Mom” Harris, draw the many parallels between walking the trail and a “walk of faith.” Focusing on such themes as prayer, perseverance, praise and service, Randy and Georgia explain, in a unique, relevant, and easy-to-understand way, how life on the trail mirrors a Christian life.

For hikers who already live a “faith-based” life, this book serves as a devotional that can be carried in a backpack for moments of quiet reflection on the trail and will provide a new perspective on both faith and life.

For those searching for an easier and more relevant way to understand the foundations of being a Christian, be they hiker or not, “The Walk’s” backpacking analogies aptly describe how Christian principles were and integral part of daily life on the trail, just as they are off the trail.



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Here is what people are saying about “The Walk”

“…a very good book written by two very good people. Randy and Georgia do not write as “armchair philosophers” – sitting on the sidelines of life spouting nice sounding but empty spiritual platitudes… they write from the nitty-gritty of personal (and sometimes painful) real world experience…a masterful job…through memorable stories and thoughtful use of scripture, they show how their journey on the A.T. closely mirrors our journey with God...The parallels between “trail life” and “real life” spirituality are skillfully drawn and easily understood…equally accessible both to those who might consider themselves beginners on their spiritual journey and those who have been journeying with Christ for many years. Both will discover the ring of truth in these pages. And both will be encouraged – and equipped – to travel well the trail before them.”  - Ken Jackson, Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Cedarbrook Community Church, Clarksburg, MD

…an insightful book that weaves experiences on the Appalachian Trail, Native American wisdom, and scripture into an enjoyable, spiritual read…describes the challenge, beauty and wonder of the A.T. from Randy and Georgia's perspective as thru- hikers…inspires the reader by relating those footsteps to the challenges of our daily lives, and more specifically, to our walk of faith…I found a trail of tales and challenges, bits of wisdom, guiding scripture and devotionals that stopped me in my tracks and made me evaluate where I am in my walk…this book may lead you to Maine or Georgia, or somewhere in between to start your own walk.” - Nick Melnick, Worship Leader and Hiker

“…Windtalker and Mom demonstrate the life-affirming possibilities of adventure for persons of any age. The value of planning, enduring, accomplishing and celebrating a challenging dream shines through as they share the lessons they learned together as thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail.” 
- The Rev. Barbara J. Curtis, First United Methodist Church, Warrensburg, Missouri

…gives readers a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable lessons from Scripture through the many adventures they encountered on their A.T. thru-hike…lessons are easy to learn and understand because they were captured in the midst of the real life experiences on the trail!” - Mathew McCabe, Youth Pastor, Cedarbrook Community Church, Clarksburg, Maryland

"…a wonderful book. Each chapter gives you a reflective devotional and thoughtful prayer at the end. A wonderful tool!…exciting and breathtaking journal entries… Wonderful lessons to soak in… Heartfelt trail angel stories that demonstrate the love for mankind that still exists… a wonderful account of the simple things that God gives us, vistas to experience, joys of the little things that add such pleasure to our lives…encourages us to seek out the visible and familiar signs of God's presence.… points out the benefits of simplicity … The last chapter, “Pride & Humility,” is an awesome read for everyone, a life lesson to certainly meditate on….an inspiring book recommended to everyone, life lessons for all, with wonderful scripture quoted form the Bible that reminds us that God is in control and without Him, nothing is possible…” - Cathy Benton, A.T. Section Hiker

"As an occasional A.T. hiker and a "thru-hike dreamer", I was skeptical of how Randy and Georgia were going to be able to put the sights, sounds and emotions of the A.T. into words.  However, I was pleasantly surprised as their words came, as close as words can, in capturing the beauty that surrounded their thru-hike.  Matching those words with their own humility, makes their life lessons even more valuable." - Gina McCabe, Administrative Assistant, Metro American Volleyball Club


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