Motivational and Inspirational Presentations

Successfully completing our AT thru-hike on September 25, 2006, was an exciting and life-changing experience for us; an adventure that has had a profound impact on how we view the world around us and that has offered us new insights into how we approach life. Our desire is to share these insights and inspirations with others.

We have developed several informational and motivational presentations tailored for churches, businesses, civic and professional organizations, scout troops and hiking clubs. These audio/visual presentations offer inspiration to others to pursue their dreams, using our six-month adventure on the trail as an example.

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"The Care and Feeding of the Long Distance Hiker"

For even the seasoned veteran, a long-distance hike tests the very limits of endurance. What steps can a hiker take to minimize the brutal physical affects of days, weeks and even months on the trail and maximize the chances for success?

In this presentation, we provide valuable tools for surviving a long-distance hike; the very same tools we used during our 2006 Appalachian Trail thru-hike and section hike of The Long Trail. We discuss creative and nutritious alternatives to standard “off-the-shelf” dehydrated meals as well as other important nutrition tips. We also share our secrets for minimizing, and even eliminating, blisters and demonstrate other techniques we employed to keep ourselves healthy. Our presentation also covers comparisons of stoves, the importance of water filtration and the specifics of “comfort-lite” hiking.

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