Motivational and Inspirational Presentations

Successfully completing our AT thru-hike on September 25, 2006, was an exciting and life-changing experience for us; an adventure that has had a profound impact on how we view the world around us and that has offered us new insights into how we approach life. Our desire is to share these insights and inspirations with others.

We have developed several informational and motivational presentations tailored for churches, businesses, civic and professional organizations, scout troops and hiking clubs. These audio/visual presentations offer inspiration to others to pursue their dreams, using our six-month adventure on the trail as an example.

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"Dream It!...Plan It!...Live it!"

Dream It!...Plan It!...Live it!” is a 30-45 minute, multi-media synopsis of our remarkable adventure with reflections about our life on the trail, answers to "frequently asked questions" and anecdotes about the people and places that make up the legendary Appalachian Trail. Using our six-month journey as an example of a dream fulfilled, we hope to inspire the audience to never stop pursuing their own dreams; no matter how outrageous they may seem and no matter how old a person may be.

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